We provide solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors with a full turn-key solution,specializing in industrial
sandblasting and painting.

 Our three-fold core values of honesty, integrity and service excellence creates lasting results that ensures our clients supersede their project requirements and goals, on time, on budget, with the highest level of quality.

About Us

Pan Vivo, which means Living Bread, is 100% female owned with Level 1, BBBEE status and ISO 9001 accredited. Pan Vivo is directed by Nicole Wilkinson with a staff compliment of 15 employees. Our team has been carefully selected for their high level of skill, integrity, passion for what they do, loyalty and ability to see a project through with high performance. We are extremely client focused and provide quality products and services. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver on time with the highest level of quality as we run a 24/7 operation. This sets us apart from our competition as we run a solutions orientated operation which meets with our clients budget and timeline.


Industrial Sandblasting

Our products are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, with the availability of raw materials in abundance. Our factory to site delivery is 24/7 to ensure a smooth process during each project. Grit blasting is used to prepare materials for the highest quality coating with high resistance coatings.

We use the latest technology with the newest equipment available. Our power tooling has been developed to achieve the best quality and highest standard of surface cleanliness, to ensure that all dust and debris generated is contained. We use percussive reciprocating needles, rotary abrasive coated flaps and right-angled grinders, that fall within a vacuum shroud that enables on-site surface preparation of the highest environmentally acceptable standard.

Pipeline and Tank Blasting

We are qualified specialists in handling your tank and pipeline initiatives. Our dustless blasting process is Eco-friendly. We have the highest quality machinery and a skilled team to rid your tank or pipeline from rust, grease and corrosion to prepare for coating.


We use cutting edge epoxy resin based paints for submerged substrates with the best corrosion-protective properties, ensuring long lasting durability. They are specifically designed to protect concrete and metal structures in offshore marine and petrochemical services, sheet piles, underground and submarine pipes, waste water tanks, jetty piles, underground tanks and other steel structures that need protection against harsh environments. Our maintenance coating for cold pipes with condensation is also of the highest quality. From industrial paint stripping and rust removal (which includes chemical paint stripping) to dry ice blasting services.

Industrial Insulation and Cladding

Without insulation and cladding, a structure is left open to many safety and environmental risks. We provide thermal, cryogenic, acoustic and noise insulation as well as services in identifying and repairing existing insulation.

CLADDING: Used to gain additional protection against corrosion.

Steam Tracing

In order to make the insulation effective, and to avoid temperature loss, we use steam tracing which reduces the loss of temperature. We use effective methods for winterization and process temperature maintenance.


Why Choose Us?

Our excellent service delivery and quality workmanship is what really makes us who we are and sets us apart from the rest. With the best quality materials and equipment as well as the most passionate, reliable and skilled team, we can ensure a quality end product within your time-frame and budget. We are also able to meet any deadline as we operate 24/7 to ensure that we deliver.

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Pan Vivo is ISO 9001 accredited

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